• My first book, What Makes a Hero?: The Surprising Science of Selflessness, comes out this September. To learn more, go here.
    • I won the Evert Clark/ Seth Payne Award for young science journalists from the National Association of Science Writers! Past recipients have included Malcolm Gladwell and Carl Zimmer, two of the writers I most admire. Here’s the blurb:

“The winner… is Elizabeth Svoboda, a writer based in San Jose, Calif. Svoboda received the award and its $1000 prize for four stories: “The Fuel Cell” (Popular Science); “The Asteroid Hunters” (Discover); “Scents & Sensibility” (Psychology Today); and “The sun blotted out from the sky” (Salon).

The panel of judges cited Svoboda for her wide-ranging topics and her ability to adapt to the needs and styles of different publications. The judges praised her for humanizing science by making ‘really good use of people,’ and for the clarity of her writing. They also liked Svoboda’s ‘reasonably skeptical’ look at the claims of researchers.”